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How to install WordPress on WPlocal | Easy way to install WordPress on WPlocal by multiwebpress

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Hello Reader, In this blog you will learn how to Install WordPress using WP local. This is easiest way to install WordPress in single click. WordPress developemtn tool is used only for WordPress.

How to install Local wordpress development tool?

Step 1 – Go to official website

Step 2  – Select download button on the top menu bar.

Step 3 – Choose your platform and fill the form. Click on get it now button. This will automatically download the development tool for you.

Step 3 – Now install on your computer by accepting the terms and condition and clicking yes wherever needed. This will install wp local on computer. 

Step 4 – You have install LOCAL WP Successfully.


How to install WordPress in Local wordpress development tool?

Step 1 – Click on add new button.

Step 2 – Enter your Website Name. (You can enter any name you want)

Step 3 –  Now, enter username and password.(Please save this to yourself to login backend of wordpress)

Step 4 -Wait for few minutes. This will install wordpress on your local machine.

Step 5  – Hurray you have install wordpress sucessfully.

Now you can see “ADMIN” and “OPEN SITE” on the right hand corner.

Click on “ADMIN” this will open wordpress login system. We need to enter the same username and password which we have saved it. After login successfully you can see wordpress dashboard.

By Clicking on “OPEN SITE” this will redirect you to the front end of the website.

If you’re feeling difficult to understand what I am saying. You can watch a full video tutorial below.

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