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MultiWebPress is a educational blog where we post blogs related to Website Development, Technology, Tips & Hacks Tutorials. Topics you will find on multiwebpress are HTML, CSS, Javascript, JQuery, WordPress Themes & Plugins, Photoshop and much more creative coding stuff.

Here I also provide the source codes of my each YouTube video for free of cost and you can use these codes without any restriction and limitation. I believe my videos or codes help to inspire new web designers, Learner, Biggners & developers and also help to improve their skills.

I’m Ajaz Ahmed and I am a self-taught front-end developer from Mumbai India. I’ve also worked with many backend projects in the past and still working on them. Internet and web development is my passion and I believe in helping people with my abilities and knowledge.

I have a YouTube channel also where I upload web design & development tutorials which make this experience even more interesting.

I hope you will enjoy my content’s here and thank you for taking the time to read this.

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